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About Us

We started as Suria Giant Fan Services Sdn Bhd in 2014, pioneering in High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) production in Malaysia. As a specialised engineering company, we catered to innovate, manufacturing, sales and service of our HVLS fans. In 2021, we rebrand ourself as Suria Engineering Solutions Sdn Bhd. Not just a name change, but it is a game changer for us, which is we produce a all new product line up in our company.

Suria Energy Solutions is committed to providing the latest solar power technologies for our customers. We offer renewable energy solutions that have proven themselves over years of use. These systems can help you save money and the environment by reducing the need for non-renewable energy sources and saving precious resources like water, fossil fuels, and trees.

Why Choose Us?

7 Years expertise in High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) production in Malaysia

Specialised Engineering Company which innovate, manufacturing, sales and services of HVLS fans.

Providing the lastest solar power technologies.